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Land Mobile Service Seeking 70-cm Band

FYI, everyone...

The FCC has put on notice for public comment a petition filed by the
Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) seeking, among other things,
"immediate....reallocation of 420-430 MHz, paired with 440-450 MHz, from
Federal use to PMRS [Private Mobile Radio Service]".

The petition notes that land mobile already has access to 420-430 MHz in
three cities along the Canadian border (the result of a move by Canada at   
the time of WARC-79 to reallocate that part of the band from amateur to   
land mobile).  The petition makes brief reference to expected "reduction
in military use of this band" and to Wind Profiler use of 449 MHz, which
according to LMCC "should be discouraged or at least minimized, in favor   
of higher frequency operation (e.g. 915 MHz), if reallocation to PMRS is

The petition notes that "The band is generally popular with radio amateurs,
currently on a secondary basis, with repeater use in 440-450 MHz and
satellite links and amateur television in 430-440 MHz" and says, "Amateur   
applications in the 420-430/440-450 MHz should remain secondary to PMRS."

The LMCC is a loose affiliation of organizations with interests in   
(mostly private) land mobile communications.

The comment deadline is June 1.  Again, this is only a petition; the FCC
itself has taken no position on the matter.

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