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Re: Mighty-Mite power supply.

Typically the S lines are for remote sense.  In order to keep the voltage 
up to snuff, especially with long wire connections or perhaps heavily 
loaded supplies, you remotely sense the voltage so it will be what you 
want it to be even if the load changes.  Connect the +S wires to the 
positive at the load and the -S wires to the negative (or Return, or 
Ground) at the load.

The on/off wires may go to a relay to turn the unit on.  If it is a 
switcher then it may turn on if left open and turn off if it is grounded, 
but you may have to look into that one.  73

John W. Wilson, KN4HX

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Peter Rogers wrote:

> 	Hi, I have a Mighty-MITE (Reg TM) manufactured by LH Research, it is
> working at 6.0V 65 Amps (I haven't tested that capacity) and 2 voltages
> 13.0 at 8A apiece.  The model No. is MM23-E1654/115
> 	I hesitate to try experimenting with the terminal strips until I have, at
> least, an idea of how the terminals work, the labels are as follows:-
>     TB-1       7       6      5      4      3      2      1 
> labels        ACC      AC    GND     PF    ON     -S1    +S1
>                                            OFF     	
> No problem with 5,6 & 7, but what is PF and -S1 and +S1 and how do I use
> them, where does the on-off connect to ?? ground?? or what?
>     TB-2       1        2      3      4      5      6      7      8
> labels        +S2      +V2    -V2    -S2    +S3    +V3    -V3    -S3
> I can see that the S's are for switching but how would you use them in
> supplying voltage to a  circuit, could they be for remote sensing of the
> voltage to the equipment you are running?
> 	I would greatly appreciate some help
> Thanks es 73 Peter.  VE7AHX.