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Mighty-Mite power supply.

	Hi, I have a Mighty-MITE (Reg TM) manufactured by LH Research, it is
working at 6.0V 65 Amps (I haven't tested that capacity) and 2 voltages
13.0 at 8A apiece.  The model No. is MM23-E1654/115

	I hesitate to try experimenting with the terminal strips until I have, at
least, an idea of how the terminals work, the labels are as follows:-

    TB-1       7       6      5      4      3      2      1 
labels        ACC      AC    GND     PF    ON     -S1    +S1

No problem with 5,6 & 7, but what is PF and -S1 and +S1 and how do I use
them, where does the on-off connect to ?? ground?? or what?

    TB-2       1        2      3      4      5      6      7      8
labels        +S2      +V2    -V2    -S2    +S3    +V3    -V3    -S3

I can see that the S's are for switching but how would you use them in
supplying voltage to a  circuit, could they be for remote sensing of the
voltage to the equipment you are running?

	I would greatly appreciate some help
Thanks es 73 Peter.  VE7AHX.