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Talking about radio (was: MIME/ascii/HTML...)

Isn't anybody doing anything with *radio* these days?

My latest is seeing if I can come up with anything from
the differential GPS beacons I hear purring away around
300 kHz. Direct conversion to audio and then DSP the MSK
with a microcontroller looks promising. Having local AM
stations on 1200 and 900 kHz (Victoria, B.C.) means strong
IP2 performance is important.

(I subscribe to VHF Communications and have indeed seen
S53MV's homebrew GPS/GLONASS receiver. Yow.)

My weather satellite stuff is kinda fun too. See "winter"
and "spring" on


for my latest pictures. Not bad for a Radio Shack scanner,
a MAR-6 preamp laid out with drafting tape and guesswork,
a wire dipole on the end of a stick, a doorstop computer
and some hacked together soundcard software...

Laura Halliday VE7LDH   "Laisse le vent tout emporter..."
Grid: CN88hk             - Foly/Viennet

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