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Re: MIME/ascii/HTML annoyance etc.... -Reply

Well, I didn't want to get into this, cuz this subject has been beaten to
death, and AMSAT is beginning to sound just like the VHF Reflector,
which is the reason I UNsubscribed to it.

Gentlemen, IMHO, you are 'making sounds' EXACTLY  like the AM gang
did when griping about those "damn Single Side Banders"  back in the late
'50s! ... my heavens, it MUST take at LEAST 3 extra seconds to download
the MIME or HTML version of the message ... really a big deal, eh? 

Actually, sending BOTH is meant to be a convenience to you ... some
folks LIKE the neater, more attractive copy produced from that format
rather than the plain old text files, therefore, some of the more 'modern'
Email packages include BOTH in the outgoing message ... I would humbly
suggest that you read *text* part if you wish, and ignore the remainder.

And ... no, I do NOT include HTML nor do I use MIME ... I do it in text, but I
surely don't mind when I receive an Email which has both.  Is this issue
REALLY worth arguing about?

Ron    W0PN/3