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Re: MIME/ascii/HTML annoyance etc....

On Thu, 7 May 1998 8:10:51 GMT, DSCHULTZ@SSSP.HST.NASA.GOV wrote:

>David R Fordham wrote:
>>Indents, pastel backgrounds, italics, bold, soft
>>fonts -- these CONTRIBUTE to communication, convey
>>more ideas and concepts than mere text, and are also
>>pleasing to the eye and soul when used properly.
>>It's like the difference between the tone of a 

>>Morse Code signal and a voice.
>>Why limit everyone to corn meal crackers because
>>some people don't want to see steak, potatoes,
>>peaches with cream, and pecan pie on their plate?

>Why force everybody to pay for steak when some people are happy 
>with crackers?

I agree, why should _I_ pay for David's steak and potato dinner? When
I may dislike steak or potatoes or just want a light snack?
"Great spirits often meet violent opposition 
 from mediocre minds"    -- Albert Einstein