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Re: MIME/ascii/HTML annoyance etc....

Dan I agree with you 100%.  I want to see the quick text of the message, 
and don't want to spend extra time on the download, even though I can 
view most of the HTML stuff.


>Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 8:10:51 GMT
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.org
>Subject: Re: MIME/ascii/HTML annoyance etc....
>David R Fordham wrote:
>>Instead of you trying to get an email program
>>which sends ASCII, might it not be just as good an
>>idea for them to get an email program which
>>can handle the rich, full, enhanced communications
>>technologies of the 1990's?  
>>Indents, pastel backgrounds, italics, bold, soft
>>fonts -- these CONTRIBUTE to communication, convey
>>more ideas and concepts than mere text, and are also
>>pleasing to the eye and soul when used properly.
>>It's like the difference between the tone of a 
>>Morse Code signal and a voice.
>I beg to disagree. Multiple type fonts and fancy formatting tend to 
>subtract from the message. If you have something worth saying, the 
>English language and the ASCII character set should suffice in getting 
< snip snip snip>

>We will foster and promote "modern" communications methods when it 
>makes sense for us to do so, when it offers a demonstrable improvement 
>over the old method. Moving satellite operations to the microwave 
>bands and switching to digital modulation techniques will offer a real 
>performance improvement over the old methods, and will make satellite 
>operation available to more people in the future. Following the latest 
>fads in e-mail and computer software does not offer the same 
>in the quality of communications, and forces people to buy expensive 
>new computer hardware and software without any corresponding 
>improvement in the quality of communications. 
>Dan Schultz, N8FGV

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