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Re: MIME/ascii/HTML annoyance etc....

On Wed, 6 May 1998 15:38:07 +1000 Jordan Woolley <stryder@tig.com.au> wrote:

> In light of the fact that some mail programs are incapable of
> sending mail in plain ascii text, could someone perhaps suggest
> a couple of programs which are capable of it. 

(Put on a Dom Delouise accent):
Are the people suggesting that we stick with ASCII 
(a 1960's-era communications technology) the same
people who would prefer that the nightly news
be delivered by teletype?  Are these the same people
who live in Montana cabins and use Royal typewriters?

I have to agree with them on a few points, however.
There will indeed be far fewer highway deaths if
we restricted everyone to horses and buggies.

And think how easy it would be for everyone if
we dispensed with keyboards and went back to
writing with pencils!

"Hey, why are we going backwards?"  (--Joe Carson, on Petticoat Junction)

Instead of you trying to get an email program
which sends ASCII, might it not be just as good an
idea for them to get an email program which
can handle the rich, full, enhanced communications
technologies of the 1990's?  What will these 
people do next year when we start using
digital sound instead of keyboards for the bulk
of email?  (Don't laugh, my wife is already doing
it!  She has this crazy idea that it is easier
to speak than it is to type a long message!  Ha-ha!
Isn't that funny! For some reason, she probably 
wouldn't see the benefits of sticking with ASCII.)


"Communication is the name of the game." 

"Amateur Radio Operators are active in modern
communications methods."  Doug DeMaw

Ham radio operators should put a little thought into the
idea that we are COMMUNICATORS.  And satellite operators,
of all people, should be interested in FOSTERING and
PROMOTING modern communications methods, not discouraging
modern communications methods and technologies.

Indents, pastel backgrounds, italics, bold, soft
fonts -- these CONTRIBUTE to communication, convey
more ideas and concepts than mere text, and are also
pleasing to the eye and soul when used properly.
It's like the difference between the tone of a 
Morse Code signal and a voice.

It is a demonstrable fact that people who read
plain text impute a negative meaning to a message
five (5) times as often as those who use formatted
text.  (That is, people who read a plain text
message are five times as likely to perceive that
the writer is hostile, critical, insulting, 
obnoxious, hateful, discourteous, etc.. as a person
reading the SAME EXACT message with a pastel background 
and a softer font.  The ratio goes even higher if
the writer is able to include graphics, such as
cartoon characters.)

I mean, why, look at it!  The ASCII smiley face   :-)
was invented in response to a NEED that ASCII
cannot easily fill, but which the other
formatting methods can easily.  (BTW, how do you
send a smiley face in CW?)

Why limit everyone to corn meal crackers because
some people don't want to see steak, potatoes,
peaches with cream, and pecan pie on their plate?

Heck, let's shoot down the satellites and go back
to carrier pigeons.

The entire message above is meant as a non-serious, humorous 
diatribe in the style and genre of Andy Rooney or Don Rickles, 
and NOT as a serious ranting in the style of Dan Rather, 
Mike Wallace, or Jesse Helms.  I can't soften this
ASCII message by the use of a soft rounded font, or
a pastel pink background, or illustrate it with my
cartoon of the smiling doggie smoking a pipe at the
keyboard, to show more clearly that I'm trying to convey 
satire, not serious criticism.

Have fun.

David R. Fordham
CPA, CMA, Ph.D.,
James Madison University
School of Accounting ZSH 330
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
E-mail:  fordhadr @ jmu.edu
Homepage:  http://falcon.jmu.edu/~fordhadr
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