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10 meter preamp replies part 2

Hi Gang,

   Here are the latest replies to my question about 10 meter preamps.... 
   as usual, I'm impressed with all the information received!

Ted, NH6YK says; I used an ARR 10M preamp as well as an old MFJ persecutor, 
both improved the signal on both RS10 and RS15 when I was using it.

My old RS-10 buddy Bob, W7LRD, added; "occasionally use an ARR P28VD 
preamp, for RS-15." (Bob, I need to get you on FO-20 and FO-29... you would 
love it).

Steve, KA1LM, feels he gets (subjectively) better Mode A reception with an 
ARR model with RF switching (handles 25 W), adding, "a preamp is useful on 
RS12 (and on RS10 when it lived) and is essential on RS15."

G3RWL says "Mode-A without a 10m preamp is like using the Internet without 
a computer; I don't think you'll find many folks *not* using them." Richard 
adds they are easy to home-construct too (especially with the AMSAT-UK 
PCB); a single MOSFET (eg 3N201), a couple of toroids, and a handful of 
components does the job and still comes out pretty small."

Frank, K0BLT (who I've worked many times on FO-20/29 and AO-10) highly 
recommends a preamp even on RS-12.  He has two in his shack, one is an old 
homebrew JAMSAT design and the other is a commercial ARR model.  Frank says 
'there is not a great deal of difference but the ARR has a noticeably 
better s/n ratio."

My AO-10 Canadian friend Peter Rogers reports; "I use a kit from 
Hamtronics, they have an economic kit # LNW-28 for $29 (wired $44), they 
have a better quality one LNG-28 wired $59, it has a better noise figure 
and helical filters in the front end."

And finally, Dave, WB6LLO, follows Peter's thoughts with "try Hamtronics, 
less expensive, and they do the job as well or better than the expensive 
versions.  In the last 15 years I've had the opportunity to compare (on the 
spot, coax switched, several of the birds), and nothing has equaled them." 
    You have to believe anyone from Minnesota (Dave is from the Iron Range 

OK, that's round 2, I'll report anything else that comes in... Thanks all!

--73 Dan NN0DJ--