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Ku band

  A few days ago someone posted to the list saying the were downlinking 
  NASA tv on Ku band.  I have been doing so on C band for about a year
  and have recently moved. Not allowed to put up a dish larger than 
  39" I have been using a kids "Snow disc" that I painted with metallic
  paint as a dish (works terrific for costing only $7 for dish and paint!)
  to downlink C band NASA.  The picture though is far from "perfect".  
  (Read that, audio is ok, picture is barely perceptible)
  So my questions are:
  1) Is the Ku band downlink of NASA tv digital or analog?
  2) My receiver uses the same IF range as was mentioned in the other
     email ~900Mhz - ~2150Mhz (can't remember the exacts offhand).  Can
     I use this receiver with a Ku band LNB assuming correct DC polarity
     and voltage?
   That freq range would work much better with my little homemade dish
   than the 4Ghz C band stuff does.  Thanks in advance.