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Re: 10m pre-amp

Richard W L Limebear wrote:

> Mode-A without a 10m pre-amp is like using internet without
> a computer; I don't think you'll find many folks *not* using them.

I disagree !
For several years we have made contact without problems via mode-A,
a preamplifier was used only for over line-of-sight contact with the
satellite (under horizon via RS for example), or when the uplink
conditions of other station was very poor (portable stations).
A nominal HF transceiver has all the necessary (and over in some cases)
sensitivity; in a city, the preamplifier is to be avoid, expecially
when a big CB's signal came from a house near you!
My best result via mode-A was obtained with a E-W dipole.

Obviously, this is my viewpoint and experience, no a rule!

73 to all, de Paolo, IW3QBN [AMSAT Italy]