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10 meter preamp replies

Greetings all,

On the subject of my asking about 10 meter preamps, I received several 
replies (almost) immediately, what a great group of hams all of you are!

My good buddy N1JEZ says: ARR RF switched model SP28VD. I always buy RF 
switched so I don't have to worry about blowing one up if I accidentally 

John, N2HMM, also uses an Advanced Radio Research P28VD preamp with a home 
brew bandpass filter in front of it.  He uses his with a triband beam and a 
5/8 wave vertical, reporting "although the background noise is still high, 
is a definite system performance improvement."

Matt, WV1K, also favors the ARR unit, saying, "I found most people will 
recommend the Advanced Receiver Research preamp. They work well."

Dave, WA6ILT agrees, noting "Advanced Receiver Research in Connecticut 
makes excellent DG and GAsFET preamps at very reasonable prices."

My keyboarding buddy Russ Tillman, K5NRK, AMSAT Journal Editor invites
us all to check out the May/June issue of The AMSAT Journal as there is an 
article by John Hackett, LA2QAA on building a 10M preamp for Mode A use.
That article will be in our hands sometime this month.

And finally, my traveling friend Mark, N0NSV, says "when I was on Mode A, I 
used a GAP vertical for my downlink antenna. It worked so well that I 
really didn't need a pre-amp." I've got to agree, I did the same thing and 
was amazed how well the GAP did. Unfortunately, I don't have that antenna 

Thanks all, for the information so far, I'll pass along any other comments 
I receive.

  --73 Dan NN0DJ--

PS> Does this message look too much like an ANS release? ... HI HI..