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FS: KNWD TR-851A All mode transceiver

I thought I would offer this to the AMSAT-BB first, as it makes
a good way to get on the 435 Mhz satellite freqs.

For sale :
Kenwood TR-851A 430 to 440 Mhz all-mode transceiver.  Very
little use and in excellent condition.  I have the box, 
manual, and mike for it.

This looks exactly like and has the same features as the more 
well known Kenwood 2 meter all mode, the TR-751A, except, 
obviously, this one's for 430 thru 440 Mhz.  

Notice -- although it's an all-mode rig, it "only" covers 430
thru 440 Mhz.  Great for satellite use, but doesn't cover the
USA FM freqs above 440 Mhz.

Price :  $550 which includes shipping, postal money order 

Also have a Rutland Array 432 Mhz yagi, FO-22 available,
$80 shipped.

I can be reached at :  "adamr@frontiernet.net"

Higher priority things force sale.

Thanks for reading.
Bob  NA2X
AMSAT Life Member #51