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anyone remember who? hydrolic az/el system for large dish?

Good morning to the net.
   I remember someone on the net a year or so ago saying he could 
build a hydrolic positioning system for a large dish with "X" degree 
accuracy, for "Y" number of dollars. 
    I have a ham friend who works for a television station who was 
very interested in the idea. Seems they have a lot of problems with 
their smaller dishes wearing out the positioning hardware and they 
figured the big one they've got that isn't set up would be even 
   I told him someone on the net had said something about building a 
hydrolic system for less than a large electrical system cheaper and 
more reliable.  After thinking about for a minute or so he asked me
if I could remember who. 
   If that person is still around or anyone remembers who it was 
please drop me a note.   Thanks, Mike Nason