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Dayton 1998 TAPR Digital Forum and PACK*BASH

Dayton 1998 TAPR Digital Forum and PACK*BASH

Dayton Hamvention will be here later this month.  Just as a reminder, the
TAPR Digital Forum is on Friday and this year starts much earlier than in
years past.  In addition, the PacketBASH banquet will be held on Friday

If you haven't been to Dayton before, you should think about coming this
year. The dates for this year are May 15th - 17th.  Check out the web page
http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/dayton.html for any last minute changes in
the schedule.

The schedule for the TAPR digital forum on Friday is:

10:00 - 10:05am (5 min)
	Introduction to Forum
	John Ackermann, N8UR

10:05 - 10:25am (20 min)
	TAPR Kit/Project/Organizational Update - Greg Jones , WD5IVD
	TAPR Update and discussion on current activities.

10:25 - 10:45am (20 min)
	Regulatory Issues - Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP
	Update on Regulatory Issues related to Digital activity.

10:45 - 11:30am (45 min)
	TAPR 900Mhz FHSS Radio Project
	Tom McDermott, N5EG / Greg Jones, WD5IVD
	Latest Information on Status and design of 900Mhz FHSS Radio Design.

11:30 - 12:15pm (45 min)
	GPS Projects -  Steve Bible, N7HPR / Tom Clark, W3IWI
	TAPR has introduced several GPS related items in the last year.
	DGPS, GPS Interface boards, TAC-2, Future TOC add-on, etc

12:15 - 12:30pm (15 min)

12:30 - 1:00pm (30 min)
	Linux AX.25 - John Ackermann, N8UR
	Making AX.25 play on Linux

1:00pm - 1:45pm (60 min)
	APRS SIG and APRS Update
	Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, APRS SIG Chair with the APRS Authors
	SIG meeting discussing current and future activities in APRS.


PACK*BASH and TAPR Banquet

Attending the 1998 Dayton Hamvention?  Then don't miss out on the PACK*BASH and
TAPR Banquet.

	An event for the digitally-inclined ham, featuring:
		*  Buffet dinner
		*  Speaker Doug McKinney, KC3RL
		      discussing GPS and his Bouy projects in the Pacific
		*  TAPR special interest group meetings
		*  Prize Drawing!

	Friday evening, May 15, 1998
	Doors open at 7:00 pm; dinner served at 7:30 pm
	Speaker and meetings after dinner

	NCR "Sugarcamp" Conference Center, 101 W. Schantz Ave. --
	South of downtown Dayton, just west of Main St. (Rt 48).
	Maps available on the TAPR web site or at the TAPR booth.

	Dinner requires advance registration and payment through TAPR.
	Tickets will be available at the TAPR booth on Friday, though
	we strongly encourage registration <before> Hamvention.  The cost
	is $20.00 per person, tax and tip included.

	All amateurs are welcome to attend, enjoy the speaker, and
	participate in the meetings, although only those purchasing a
	dinner can eat.

	To register, contact:
		c/o TAPR
		8987-309 E. Tanque Verde Road #337
		Tucson, AZ   85749-9399

		Phone: (940) 383-0000
		Fax: (940) 566-2544
		Internet: tapr@tapr.org

		Visa/Mastercard Accepted

	PACK*BASH is co-sponsored by TAPR -- Tucson Amateur Packet
	Radio, the national leader in digital communication -- and the
	Miami Valley FM Association, Dayton's packet radio club.

For more information (including maps), go to
http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/dayton.html, or send e-mail to
tapr@tapr.org. You can request information via packet radio at

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
8987-309 E Tanque Verde Rd #337 * Tucson, Az * 85749-9399
e-mail: tapr@tapr.org       web: <http://www.tapr.org/>
ftp:    ftp.tapr.org
phone:  940-383-0000        fax: 940-565-2544