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Re: CI-V for Icom IC-820

There have been (at least) two articles written about the CI-V interface 
in QST.  I have the CDrom QST series for the last few years  and will 
look it up for you if you need.  The articles deal with building a simple 
RS232 to TTL interface.  I believe Far Circuits has PCboards for a very 
reasonable price.

John W. Wilson, KN4HX

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, James Snider wrote:

> Thanks to all who responded.  I downloaded two different control
> programs, tried them on two different computers (w95 and my NT machine)
> and also tried to control my IC-735. After all this I still couldn't
> control my rig. The only common thread was the (bad words deleted here)
> MFJ 5383I interface.  So now, does anyone know where I can purchase a
> decent, working interface?  I thought I read something somewhere that
> J-com was making one but I don't have any contact information.
> Jim N8RNP
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