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antenna cable routing question

Hi all:
I have just constructed 2 new satellite antennas.. the KLM 2M-14C, and the 435-40CX. They are super!
A local satellite enthusiast, who has the same antennas (except for the larger 2 meter version) routed his Aircom coax along the length of the beam, across (along actually) the fiberglass crossboom, and down his tower, to avoid the weight of about 12 - 15 of the Aircom cable dangling down from his antennas.
He found that as long as the cable was not routed thru the driven elements, as the instructions suggest, all works fine.
I would like to put the antennas up this weekend, but am undecided as to which way to go. His way certainly seems more structurally sound, but how much will the antennas' patterns be altered by this approach? Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!
73, Greg, KE2VW