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Re: Hardline Help Again

At 09:05 AM 4/29/98 -0400, Zack Lau wrote:
>The Sept 88 Ham Radio had a connector conversion article for 
>this cable--reprints ought to be able from the copyright holder,
>CQ magazine.--Zack W1VT
This is just trying to be helpful.

I looked up this article in my files. It tells how to use a commercially
available N-connector (UG-982 or UG-982/A) and adapt it, with fairly simple
tools, to 7/8 inch hardline. You also need a piece of one inch diameter
shrink tubing as part of the final assembly.

If CQ will not provide a reprint, and if only a couple of people are
interested, I could send a copy via snail mail. I assume that does not
violate copyright.
I also scanned the article. Perhaps because I am not experienced at
scanning the file sizes are large - 3 pages, 3Mb, 4 Mb and 1 Mb.

I have forgotten who asked the original question that started this thread.

Hope this helps. ron w8gus.