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Re: MIR-disgard????

(bit of text trimmed)
> As long as, the space station, this time, is really, really, really 
> going  to happen.  And, I was figuring on at least one more big 
> redesign and postponement -- though I don't know anything.
> You know, maybe P3D is just par for the 
> course in terms of launch delays and problems. 

If there's another redesign, odds on are that it, too, will be (how
did the other chap put it) political. Delays, there are going to be,
mainly because Russia is trying to stretch too few resources over
too much space activity. The main comp[onent the Russians are supplying
to the new station is falling behind scheudle due to funding shortfalls,
and NASA has asked them to decide what they're going to do. Given that
they've announced that they've staarted the deorbit process, I guess
they've decided to go with the new station.