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Re: MIR-disgard????

> Date:          Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:44:18 -0700
> From:          Cathryn Mataga` <cathryn@junglevision.junglevision.com>
> To:            AMSAT-BB@AMSAT.org
> Subject:       Re: MIR-disgard????

> Hmm, is there going to be ham radio on the new space station?  Is 
> anyone on the list involved with this? What's it called now, 
> Alpha or something?  Is it going to have a Russian or American
> call sign?  Hmm.

one of the main people involved in placing amateur radio on the space 
station is our very own trustee of the houston amsat net repeater, 
craig, wd5bdx. that is his task along with (i think) all the other 
communication equipment on the space station.


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