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> I read today on an italian newspaper that Mir will start to
> fall the 17 May. Jurj Semionov, president of "Energhia", 
> announced that on the Progress M39 has already been carried
> the fuel to give Mir the initial power to leave orbit. 
> It's planned that in Xmas 1999 Mir will fall on Pacific. 
> I can scan the article but it's italian written.
> Regards
> Maurizio Bertolino

Yes...I read about this a few days ago. I'm shocked!!! I know it's a bit
aged and space can be a harsh environment in many ways, but in a
somewhat loose comparison I would not run a '87 volvo off a cliff that
was in running condition just because the starter was sticking and it
leaked radiator fluid. Can't they just leave it as a rescue station or
supply store? Seems like such a waste. Sounds political!!!