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Re: Leonids in the news - unclasified

Just a quick note to follow up on my last post below. We will be posting
Kirk's Leonid article to back to our website shortly. You will be able to
find it at http://www.grove-ent.com and follow the links to the Satellite
Times home page.

>The Leonids shower (in November) is getting its own conference, because
>there's to be a 33 year high this year with the prospect of satellites
>being hit and damaged/destroyed.
>Read the story at:
>There's some hype, but at least it's not "Armagedon":

Or you can read the whole story as it was published FIRST in the pages of
Satellite Times by Kirk Kleinschmidt, NT0Z in the March/April 1997 issue,
page 10.

73 all,

Larry Van Horn
Managing Editor
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