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AMSAT/NASA related meeting??

Some time ago, I checked a video out from the ARRL video
library.  The specific video tape did have the requested video,
but the tape had obviously been used for a previous video
recording as well.  In fact, what was left of that previous video
was more interesting than then intended recording!

I was able to catch the end of what appeard to be a 
recording of an AMSAT-type, group meeting.  My guess is
that it was a meeting in in Australia perhaps??  Not  sure.
However, the subject matter of interest included a very
interesting presentation of radio communications, tracking
and associated issues during the Apollo 13 flight.

My interest is....does this description ring any bells
with anyone??  I would like very much to somehow find
a full copy of this meeting or presentation.  If anyone can
help, I would be very completely grateful!!!!  Thanks!

Gary Memory, F/N7BRJ