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Hi All. I just read the schedule for the AMSAT forums at Dayton. I was
dissapointed to see that there will be no forums on Saturday. I've only
been able to attend the Hamvention on Saturday for the last 4-5 years and
won't be able to attend the Friday and Sunday forums. I'm not sure if  we
have any control over forum times and dates, but it would be nice to have
at least one on Saturday again in the future.
 I also read that AMSAT will be selling Rick Fleeter's book "Micro Space
Craft" at Dayton. I bought it a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it.
If you want to know about designing building and launching a small
satellite, read it.
 See you at Dayton. But not at the forums. 73 de Doug KA8QCU
e-mail ka8qcu@juno.com
packet ka8qcu@wb8swf #semi.mi.usa.noam

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