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Re: CI-V for Icom IC-820

	Last night I found an Icom-control program in 425 DX WWW page. In the left menu of the page is a link to 'HAM soft.'. I did not try it yet but the description promises much. I do not have the file here, if you can't get it I can e-mail it to you later from home.

	73 de CX6DD

At 08:38 28/04/98 -0400, James Snider wrote:
>I have an Icom IC-820 and the MFJ 5383I Interface but not having any
>luck communicating with my PC (running Windows NT 4.0 Workstation) and
>Station Program.  Can someone point me to a control program for the
>IC-820 that I can download?  I want to troubleshoot the radio and
>interface to rule them out as the problem or not.  The interface has
>been back to MFJ for what that's worth.  Any help would be appreciated.
>Jim N8RNP
>James R. Snider
>Section Supervisor - Equipment and Maintenance
>Schott Scientific Glass, Inc.
>1624 Staunton Ave.
>Parkersburg, W.V.  26101