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FT 736 FS; Comment on Yaesu Service

Hi Folks:

	Some of you may recall I wrote to the list a few weeks ago asking
about Yaesu Service for my 736.  A number of the readers of this 
list reported  that they had had good luck, so I sent it in.  As it 
turned out, they did a wonderful job in a reasonable period of time.  
The radio was actually gone about 4 weeks, but 2 weeks of that 
were transport to and from the West Coast.

	They charged me for one hour's labor ($50) and in addition to
fixing my 435 xmit problem, they also completely realigned and tested it,
added a mod to the 440 PLL circuit  (I guess it was in a service bulletin
somewhere) and replaced a burned out dial lamp.  They even phoned me
to update on its progress.  Wow!

	Anyway, the whole point of getting this radio up to spec was to 
sell it so now someone has an opportunity to acquire a 736 that has been
fully restored to original specs by Yaesu.  The 9600 baud mod has been
done and the wide filter has been swapped out for a 30 kHz unit for 
9600 baud satellite operation.  Comes with original box, manual, etc.
Price is $1275 + shipping.  Drop me an e-mail message if you are interested.
First come, first served.

73, John W2FS (ex-WA0PTV)