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Techsat launch

Hi All,
The Techsat team has just confirmed that the tentative launch 
date for the TechSat-1b is currently set to June 23-24.

A telemetry decode program with more info will follow shortly.

Just as a reminder, the TechSat-1b will be very similar to the
TechSat-1a in the communications modes.
It will use 9600 Baud FSK (like UO-22/KO-23/KO-25) and have
VHF/L-band uplinks, with the downlinks in the UHF band.
So if you have a 9600 baud setup operational, you should have no problems
working the TechSat-1b.
bye, Assi

     Assi Friedman, 4X1KX/KK7KX Arizona State University
                  "The Truth Is Out There"
Tel: 602-844-1458 (home)
Tel: 602-965-2474 (ASUsat lab)
Fax: 602-965-0277 (ASUsat lab)
Email: assib@asu.edu
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ASUSat Page: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~nasasg/asusat/asusat.html

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 13:52:35 +0200
From: Roni Waller <waler@techunix.technion.ac.il>
To: 4x1as@netvision.net.il, assib@imap1.asu.edu
Subject: Re: Techsat launch

Now it is official , we've got Fax from "Rusian Space Agency" saying
that Launch date will be 23-24/June 1998 .
So i'll start to prepare the relevant material for Radio-Amateurs .
I intend to send this list :
1. frequencies.
2. very general Launch parameters/orbit (the real one will be only 1-2 days
after Launch) .
3. Install Kit of our telemetry decode program.
4. Install Kit of Ground Station GSONLINE/Amateurs Version .
5. BBS Call-Sign .
6. More TechSat1 documentation .

If you have suggestion about specific documentation or other things, I'll be
glad to hear .
After it is finished , I'll send it to you for checking and testing
(Ground-Station IBM-PC testing only , with no Satellite! )
and then you spread it , as you like .

Roni Waller,
Asher Space research institute, Technion
Satellite's Software manager .