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Re: Time Delay in Unsubscribe Requests

>Has the proceedure for signing off changed? I haven't had any luck 
>unsubscribing using the method described in the posting quoted below:

>>To unsubscribe from the AMSAT-BB@AMSAT.ORG Mailing list send a message to

>>LISTSERV@AMSAT.ORG and include the following information:

>>        unsubscribe amsat-bb

>>        <your callsign if any>

>>        Your e-mail address

>Is there another way?


>Ralph N7RI
>Charlottesville VA

That's still the correct way, but please remember that the requests
are processed by a live person who may not be able to do them as
quickly as a computer can do. So be patient and don't expect 
immediate results.

Dan Schultz N8FGV