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AMSAT at Dayton Hamvention

The Dayton Hamvention is quickly approaching (May 15-17) and we're looking for volunteers to help man the AMSAT booth at the Hamvention.   Dayton is a three day 'marathon' with an immense amount of activity at the booth.  We need folks to volunteer for a 'tour of duty' during a portion of the Hamvention.

We'll be in the same booth location as previous years:  Booth spaces 445-448.  However, the layout of the Hamvention has changed slightly, so booth location may be a few feet from where it has been in previous years.  Volunteers will help handle the myriad of activities that typically occur at an AMSAT booth-handle transactions, deal with memberships and renewals, answer questions, and serve as a representative of AMSAT.  Prior experience in representing AMSAT at (any) hamfests is helpful but not required.

We expect to have a very busy booth this year with a variety of updated and new items:

1.  Gould Smith, WA4SXM, has updated the "RS Satellite Operators Guide."
2.  Keith Baker, KB1SF, has updated the "How to Use the Amateur Radio Satellites."
3.  Steve Bible, N7HPR, has added WISP installation and setup instructions to the "Digital Satellite Guide."
4. An updated  "Amateur Satellite Resource Guide" (thanks to N1JEZ)  will be available at the Beginner's Forum (0815 Friday)
5. An updated "Working the Easy Sats" (thanks to N1JEZ) will also be available at Dayton.
6..  The latest in AMSAT 'fashion'  featuring  T-shirts (with pocket)  sporting the AMSAT logo.
7.  AMSAT will offer the 'Arrow Antenna" at the booth this year.  Please note that AMSAT will be handling this antenna at Hamvention ONLY and it will not be available from AMSAT following Hamvention. This is the antenna that many individuals are using to work through AO-27 utilizing their dual-band HT's.  We will have the basic antenna plus the 10-watt duplexer available.
8.  Latest versions of both WISP and NOVA.
9.  Copies of K2UBC's "The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook" (released in February 1998)
10.  Copies of Rick Fleeter's "Micro Space Craft" which discusses all facets of microsatellite design and operation. Rick, WA8VKG, who is president of AeroAstro as well as president of the International Small Satellite Organization (ISSO), will be at the AMSAT booth from 1230-1400 on Saturday to sign copies of his book as well as answer your questions.  

The Booth itself will feature a number of interesting displays:

1.  Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, has a pc demo 'replay' of the APRS/MIR experiment..
2.  Terry Douds, WB8CKI, will have a video on continious loop highlighting recent integration activities at the Phase 3D Integration Lab.

Please let me know if you can give us a hand during the Hamvention.  Send me an e-mail and let me know :  

1.  What hours are your willing to volunteer (Please volunteer for one hour periods or multiples thereof) during each day that the commercial exhibits are open.  The commercial exhibits are open Friday 1200-1800,  Saturday 0800-1700, and  Sunday 0800-1400.  If you can help at various times during the Hamvention, please provide a prioritization as to which specified periods are best for you.

2.  Include your name, callsign, and e-mail address in your message.

3.  Indicate any special skills that would be helpful, such as familiarity with specific products available through AMSAT,particularly software such as WISP and NOVA.  While we are looking for volunteers to help with the 'crush' of normal exhibitor activities, it would be helpful to know who can assist in software demonstrations or answer particular questions about various aspects of our hobby during a particular shift.

I intend to provide a tentative work schedule no later than May 12 to those who have indicated a willingness to help.   Please stop by the AMSAT booth when you arrive at the Hamvention to confirm your schedule or to change your work
assignment if necessary.

Other Dayton items to keep in mind:

1.   Don't forget the AMSAT dinner on Friday evening, 15 MAY, at the Amber Rose Restaurant in old North Dayton, which is the same place as last year. Cost including tax and tip is $20.00.   Seating is limited, so please register with Ed Collins, N8NUY.  His  e-Mail address is:  EdCollins@worldnet.att.net.   We also ask that you RECONFIRM you dinner reservation with Ed at the AMSAT booth no later than 3:00pm on Friday afternoon.   This process will ensure that AMSAT can provide an accurate 'head count' to the restaurant.

2.  Martha still has several rooms available at the Homewood Suites in Fairborn, OH.  If you need a room for Dayton and would like to be added to the list, contact Martha at AMSAT HQ:  301-589-6062.   Be prepared to give her a charge card number to reserve your room. 

Note that the Saturday evening Hamvention Banquet with Ronnie Milsap, WB4KCG as the banquet speaker and evening's entertainment will be held at Wright State University's Nutter Center which is just down the street from the Homewood Suites.

At the Banquet, AMSAT member Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, will be recognized as the recipient of the DARA Technical Merit Award.

3. AMSAT will be involved with the following scheduled presentations on Friday and Sunday mornings:

Friday May 15, 1998:

0815-1015  AMSAT..................................................................................................(Room 3)
Moderator:  Bill Tynan, W3XO, President, AMSAT-North America

"Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Analog and Digital Satellites"
	Barry Baines, WD4ASW, AMSAT-NA Vice President, Field Operations

"PHASE 3-D--The Satellite for ALL Amateurs--Project Team Panel Discussion "
	Bill Tynan, W3XO, President, AMSAT-North America
	Keith Baker, KB1SF, Executive Vice President, AMSAT-North America
	Lou McFadin, W5DID, Phase 3-D Integration Laboratory Manager
	Bdale Garbee, N3EUA, Rudak Team

"SAREX and ISS:  Mission Reports and Plans"
	Rosalie White, WA1STO, Director, ARRL Educational Activities Dept.
	Matt Bordelon, KC5BTL, SAREX/ISS Working Group Team Member


Sunday, May 17, 1998:

0815-0930  AMSAT..................................................................................................(Room 1)
Moderator:  Keith Pugh, W5IU, Vice President, Operations AMSAT-North America

"PHASE 3-D Brief Status Update"
	Keith Baker, KB1SF, Executive Vice President, AMSAT-North America
"Mode S and Above...Preparing To Use the Higher Bands on Phase 3-D"
	Ed Krome, K9EK, Southern Indiana AMSAT Area Coordinator

Please note that forums will start FRIDAY MORNING.   While the commercial exhibit area will not open until noon on Friday, folks will be allowed into the Hara Arena area that will be used for forums.  As noted above, AMSAT will have forums on both Friday and Sunday mornings, so be prepared to attend the AMSAT forums 'first thing.'

Dayton is a unique  opportunity to represent AMSAT to an extremely large number of people.  If at all possible, please consider giving us a hand during this event.

Barry A. Baines
VP-Field Ops

e-mail:  wd4asw@amsat.org
phone:  904-398-5185 (home)
            904-399-3225 (home-fax)
            904-359-1933 (work)