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Anybody tried the 847 on the 9600 baud birds?

Hi Folks,

	I am contemplating buying the new Yaesu 847.  I notice the specs
on it indicate a 15 kHz filter on wide FM.  Now back when we all bought
736's with the 12 kHz filter, we ended up swapping them out for either
20 or 30 kHz filters.  Has anyone tried the 847 on the higher speed
digital sats yet to determine whether the stock 15 kHz filter is wide 

	Assuming that it isn't, I'm also wondering if anyone has determined
whether the 20 and 30 kHz filters that went into the 736 are also used
in the 847?

	Thanks.... Inquiring minds want to know.

John, W2FS (ex-WA0PTV)