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Re: Hardline Help

Good questions and good answers too!.  I simply put about two turns of
number sixteen wire around the coax and fasten them to the terminals of a
soldering gun.  Pull the trigger and pull off the outter coating all at
the same time.   Cliff K7RR

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Zack Lau wrote:

> Bennie Hall wrote:
> > 
> > I have some 7/8 inch hardline that has a corrugated surface beneath the PVC
> > jacket. How in the world do you get the pvc jacket off without damage 
> There is an Easiax LDF5-50 cutting tool available from Andrew for
> just this purpose.  Besides making a tool that holds a sharp metal 
> blade at just the right distances, its also possible to use hot wires
> to remove insulation, though this can generate nasty fumes. This is
> commonly done to remove Teflon insulation.--Zack W1VT