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FO-20 and the FT-736R

Hello fellow satelliters:  I've been only a Mode A LEO user but I am in the
process of setting up a pair of M2 eggbeaters for use on FO-20.  I've been
able to listen to the FO-2O downlink with success using my AR-270B antenna
with duplexer at the transceiver end.  Not having used the FT736R in the
full-duplex "SAT" mode before, I have a couple of very basic questions for
FT736/FO-2O users.

	For FO-2O use do I operate the FT736 in the SAT/NORM position or in the
SAT/REV position?

	While using either of those positions, and assuming I have enough uplink
power to access the bird, will I hear my signal coming back at me as I
normally would while operating mode A? 

	Sorry for asking such basic questions, but I would rather have the right
info than mucking about trying to improperly access the birds.  Any other
suggestions/advice would be most welcomed.  Many thanks in advance for any
assistance that might be rendered.

			73 and cheers, Joe W2KJ (North Carolina)