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Min RSSI for 9600bps sats?

Hello all,

I am looking for information as to what is the minimum received signal
strength using a 'typical' 9600bps satellite receive setup (eg G3RUH modem
and Yaesu FT-736) to receive the 9600 sats (UO-22, KO-23, KO-25) at
essentially 100% efficiency (ie very low BER).

I would prefer absolute measurements like -115dBm, rather than 'S-9' etc.

Alternatively, does anyone know where the performance figures of the G3RUH
modem are in terms of BER vs Eb/N0 ?  I could always use the theoretical
curve for FSK, and just add an 'implementation penalty' of about 2dB (unless
someone knows what the actual penalty is), and then work forward from
there....  receive bandwidth of 20kHz etc.

Once again, I look forward to your invaluable replies!

73 Chris VK6KCH

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