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Re: A must have Satellite Tracking Software!

On 26 Apr 98, at 0:34, I wrote:

> Hello,
> A very interesting satellite tracking program for WIN95/NT can be found on:
> http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/techie/233/
> Designed to visualize GPS satellites and their footprints in 2D and 3D,
> it can indeed display any satellite, including amateur satellites...
> The CIA world database (huge) is used for the earth map..
> The whole software is completly free, one can even get the source code from
> the author.

I think I must relativate this a little bit.. ;)

There are a lot of things missing which makes a "real" satellite tracking program.
Also I found (in the documentation) that the stars in the background of the 3D display 
are faked (sorry SCOPE folks ;(

I also noticed that the antenna beam in the 3D display sometimes seems to be starting at 
the wrong place..

However, the author is still working on his software and he announced a new version for 
April.  Maybe we can convince him to add a few gadgets or someone grabs the source  
and do it..

But it's still an excellent tool to show/demonstrate orbits, footprints, etc. and is in this way 
much different from most satellite programs..  In particular, using OpenGL/VRML to look 
at the orbit is an interesting idea and propably much easier in programming..

PS:  Try to load all satellites...  :)

Have fun!
73s Peter