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FT-847 Fan noise

The information below is forwarded from the WSVHF reflector.

I don't have an 847, nor can I claim the 'fix' described here works... 
however, I would like to thank Dave, K4TO for the information. Because of 
the number of 847's that are showing up on the satellites, and because that 
radio is of prime interest on this reflector, I've repeated the message 

  --73 Dan NN0DJ--

From: 	Dave Sublette[SMTP:k4to@meginc.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, April 23, 1998 9:45 PM
To: 	VHF Reflector; W6YX VHF reflector
Subject: 	[WSVHF] FT-847 Fan noise

A common complaint about the FT-847 is that the fan noise is irritating
(and it is).  I have been able to quiet the whine using the following

Cut a 3" x 3" piece of soft packing foam that is about 2" thick. Be sure
to use the "open cell" type of foam.  You can tell that it is open cell
type construction by holding it up to your mouth and blowing air through
it. Wedge the piece of foam between the four coax connectors so that it
covers the intake area for the fan.  The whine will then disappear.  The
foam has little effect on the cooling of the radio.  I think it works
because the foam causes turbulence in the air flow, disrupting the
formation of the sound of the whine, which is probably generated by the
tips of the fan blades.  It may even slow the fan a bit, which stops the
noise.  However it works, it works.  I can't even see it when it is in
place. It should also have an added bonus in that it will filter dust
from the air before it enters the radio.

Hope this works for you.


Dave, K4TO