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Re: E-mail locking up eudora

At 10:38 PM 4/23/98 -0500, Larry P. Thomas WA0GWA wrote:
>Every time, without fail, I get a message from A.Bombardiere on this SIG it
>causes eudora to produce a protection fault.  I'm wondering ... if I can do
>something on my end to solve thisproblem. 

Ouch!  Eudora is produced by my company, Qualcomm, so I feel that I should
respond.  I see you are running Eudora 4.0 .  We recently released a bug
fix version 4.0.1 in beta form.  (Beta means that it has been made
available for users to test, but is not necessarily the final 4.0.1.)  You
can download an upgrade from 4.0 to this beta release from the
www.eudora.com web site.  I don't know whether you are one who normally
likes to run beta software, but I can recommend this one.  I've been
running it for several weeks.

If this doesn't fix your problem, please contact Eudora customer service

To answer your question about dots in usernames:  It's perfectly normal,
very common, and nothing to worry about.