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Re: Primstar dishes at 10 Ghz? (again)

Jim - Our san Diego Microwave Group has been using several of the dishes
for terrestrial 10 Ghz operation with good success. I think Paul Wade did
an article on feeding these dishes. These should work well for P3D. I
believe the IF is the normal 950-1450 MHz used on the later TVRO units. The
LO is most likely at 10750 MHz. I am working on a scheme to modify a
standard KU band LNB for P3D reception. It will be a double high side LO
conversion to a 144 MHz IF with a means of automatically adjusting the 2nd
LO frequency to compensate for any drift in the 10750 MHz DRO. I'll post to
the San Bernadino Microwave Society Reflector as well
 - Kerry N6IZW -

At 4:01 PM -0600 4/23/98, Jim White wrote:
>I received no answers at all to my earlier inquiry about Primstar dishes on
>10 Ghz.  So let me try again.
>Has anyone had any luck at all using a Primstar dish and feed, and/or the
>electronics at the feed (I assume LNB) on 10 Ghz?  Some of these are
>showing up now and look like they might work with little or no
>modification.  Anyone know what the frequency is of the Primstar satellite?
> How about the voltage the LNBs need to operate at that frequency?  What is
>the IF the LNBs put out, 70 Mhz like a big dish?  There are two LNBs, and
>two coax feeds from them, one for vertical polarization and one for
>horizontal.  The whole feed can be rotated manually to align the
>polarization.  How about using just the feed and dish with one of the more
>or less off the shelf 10 Ghz preamps/converters that are available?  Is the
>feed close enough to the P3d 10 Ghz freq to work?  How about to the
>terrestrial 10 Ghz ëcontestí freqs?
>Would someone like to cross post this to whatever microwave reflectors are
>Jim White

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