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Primstar dishes at 10 Ghz? (again)

I received no answers at all to my earlier inquiry about Primstar dishes on
10 Ghz.  So let me try again.  

Has anyone had any luck at all using a Primstar dish and feed, and/or the
electronics at the feed (I assume LNB) on 10 Ghz?  Some of these are
showing up now and look like they might work with little or no
modification.  Anyone know what the frequency is of the Primstar satellite?
 How about the voltage the LNBs need to operate at that frequency?  What is
the IF the LNBs put out, 70 Mhz like a big dish?  There are two LNBs, and
two coax feeds from them, one for vertical polarization and one for
horizontal.  The whole feed can be rotated manually to align the
polarization.  How about using just the feed and dish with one of the more
or less off the shelf 10 Ghz preamps/converters that are available?  Is the
feed close enough to the P3d 10 Ghz freq to work?  How about to the
terrestrial 10 Ghz ‘contest’ freqs?

Would someone like to cross post this to whatever microwave reflectors are

Jim White