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Re: Field Day and Satellites

Hi Jack:

Jack O'Mara wrote:

> I am trying to determine what satellites to use for our club field day efforts. I've
> lost track of whats available so could use some help. I'd like to use SSB/CW
> and would prefer to stay up on 144 and 432 MHz. So what is available (or 
> expected to be available) at field day time (June 27,28). Any help would be
> appreciated and look for W4IY during field day. 
> 73
> Jack W4AD (ex K4HWG)

Andy MacAllister, W5ACM has written an AMSAT Field Day article for the
May/June issue of The AMSAT Journal.  Also included is a form for
logging your FD satellite contacts and submitting to W5ACM.  All sats
are in play except the Shuttle SAREX (if up) and the Mir Space Station.
Currently the issue is in draft review and we expect it in all members
mailboxes before 01JUN98.

Good luck with Field Day!  We hope to hear you as we will be operating
HF and sats via W5XX, at the Vicksburg High School Gators' Football
Stadium, Vicksburg, Mississippi.


Russ Tillman, KC5JVB
AMSAT Journal Editor