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Need Replacement AMSAT NoCode Speaker


I need your help.

RE:  The 2nd Annual :Ham Radio Open Town Meeting of the Air" from the 1998
Dayton Hamvention.  The overall topic is:  "No-Code:  Life Beyond Repeaters." 

I just received word that our speaker on the topic of satellite/space
operation by NoCode tech's has been forced to cancel his appearance at our
Sunday, may 17th live "Netcast" from Hamvention '98.  I am in need of a
replacement speaker.  The qalifications are pretty easy,

1)  You need to be a codefree Tech class operator involved in ham radio

2)  You need to be attending the Hamvention in Dayton the weekend of May 15-17
and not departing for home until fater 12 noon on Sunday May 17th..

3)  You must be able to speak for about 10 minutes on why satellite operation
is a of interest to you and why it would be a thrll to other codefree hams.
(We will have a VHS tape machne and a 35 mm slide projector available for your
visul aids.)

If you can spare 10 minutes and want to fill this slot, please contact me by
e-mail to billwa6itf@aol.com.

Thank You,

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF / Newsline