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NT Drivers


What MS say and do are two different things. Eventually I would hope
that W95/8/2001 will use the NT model. But after running W98 for some
weeks now, I don't think that will happen in quite a while. W98 still
uses the W95 style drivers, well at least W95 drivers all still work
fine on my W98 machine.

I'm sure that NT5 drivers will be very similar to NT4 drivers, and by
the time we find someone to write a shell for us, NT5 will be out

My posting was more of a case of finding someone with the knowledge and
interest to help out in getting a shell together, and teaching a few of
us how to do it. We can then do the rest.

Otherwise, once W9?/NT? merge then we will not be able to use our KCTs,
FODTracks, RIF-PCs and the like. The problem is that there are no
commands (that I can find) in MS NT C++ for inp() and outp(), there are
in W95. Without port access, we can't command plug-in cards.

Paul, VP9MU