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RE: TrakBox question?

At 02:37 PM 4/20/98 -0300, Willmott, Paul wrote:
>If anyone could come forward with an NT driver shell, and instructions
>on where to mod, then I'd gladly do the rest. I just don't know where to

You might want to start by waiting for NT 5.0 and Windows 98 (I think).
Microsoft says they are going to unify the device driver model for NT
and Windows 9x, so you only have to write one driver for both.  It
might be too late to be thinking about starting a device driver project
for NT 4.0.

>I tried reading the DDK manual, but it was over a foot high when
>printed, and I ran out of time. I have all the tools and the device
>driver development kit here at work, but I need to know where to start.

There's a book on NT device drivers that looks very useful, though I
have not tried to delve into it myself.  It's only about 3/4 inch thick.

73  -Paul