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AMDTrack Help required


I have just purchased a copy of AMDTRACK  (32bit) ver 1.07 and can not
get it to run correctly under Win95.

I have not as yet installed the hardware in the PC but am trying to get
the software to work first as per the instructions. WISP is not running
on the PC at present.

The problem first problem is that when the program is running it will
not display the Date or Time these fields are blank.

Secondly when I select 'Additional Commands' 'Edit AMDTRACK.CFG' I get
an error 'Cannot find the \amdtrack.cfg file' from notepad. Yet all
files are located in C:\Amdtrack. I have looked at the Amdtrack.cfg file
and the path statement is correct although I did notice that the text in
the file indicated the cfg file was ver 1.06.

Thirdly when I select the 'Calibrate Rotators' option or double click on
the watchdog traffic lights I get the error 'Run-time error 48 Error in
loading DLL'.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Richard Hoskin