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Real-time Shuttle Maps on the Web

For those of you interested in the current Columbia mission,
or if you want to see some really pretty tracing map software,
take a look at URL http://shuttle.nasa.gov/ftpwmap/wmap.gif

It seems to update about every 5 minutes. You may need to hit the
[RELOAD] button on your web browser to get the updates. On the top
line, you will see the <Day-of-Year and UTC time for the update>, 
followed by the <MET (Mission Elapsed Time)>, <Position> and 
<Height>. This is obviously a Windoze display, but they don't
let you click the buttons remotely ;<{

The shuttle.nasa.gov site has a description of the display available
at URL  http://shuttle.nasa.gov/demos/worldmap.html

73, Tom