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Re: Quadrafilar Helix antenna plans, formulae, etc

Hi Peter,

There is an *excellent* construction article by Eugene W3KH in the August
1996 issue of QST.

If you want to build a quadrifilar helix, read that article!  A photocopy or
fax is sub-optimal..  one of the best parts of the article is a colour image
which *clearly* shows how each 'arm' revolves about the z-axis... once
you've seen that, all will be revealed!

(In Australia, QST should be held in your local university or state library)

Hope this helps, 73 Chris VK6KCH

At 23:24 17/04/98, you wrote:
>hello all and thanks for the bandwidth,
>I'm looking for plans, formulae, etc on the Quadrafilar Helix antenna.
>nothing i've seen to date gives very much detail, especially when it comes
>to the matching circuit.
>i have looked in the Satellite Experimenters Handbook, 2nd Edition, and its
>not completly helpfull.
>what i'm trying to build is a decent antenna for a GPS receiver, again all
>the plans for plate type, etc are not completly succesful, in fact i've had
>my best result by scaling down a turnstile, but its to flimsy.
>am i to picky?
>SO, please help if you can, there must be some good repeatable plans or
>ideas out there.
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