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DATE:	4/19/98 7:13 PM


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From: RON BROADBENT <G3AAJ@compuserve.com>
Subject: AMSAT-BBS Input
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To: martha <martha@amsat.org>
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Hi Martha, 
As spoken. Would you please input to the BBS, edit as you wish of course. 
I had a complete breakdown of the Compuserve and E-mail system from 11th
March to 11 April.  Some files did get through but I had not printed them
out.  Murphs Law. 

Hope you are all OK. I have telephoned twice, and sent a FAX once. 


From Ron Broadbent, G3AAJ
Callsign to Fly on P3D Award. 

Please be informed that because of a complete breakdown of my E-mail system
between the dates of 11 March and 11 April ( or thereabouts ) I have not
been able to reply to enquiries , and other messages, about  the AMSAT-UK
"Your callsign can Fly Award" on P3d satellite. 

Would anyone who sent me a message at  < g3aaj@amsat.org> please repeat
that message. (This includes a JA who sent credit detail for £300)  I will
then immediately send the full information which will enable you to get
your callsign, name or company onto the spacecraft at Launch.  This message
has been posted to the three 9K6 satellites also.

For information this award details have been posted in AMSAT Journal and
Oscar News over the last two years, and we have already 145 calls onto the
first engraved plate. A second plate is now awaiting engraving. For the
donation of $288 or more  we will also send you a personal engraved award
to place on your shack wall. Airmail posting of the personal plaque costs
$16:00 to USA and the Far east. All names also get a photo of the "To fly"
plate with their names on taken prior to Launch. 

Offer closes approx 1st July  this year. Please give widest publicity to
your friends and club members. 

Ron Broadbent. MBE. G3AAJ. AMSAT P3D BOD for Donations. 
94, Herongate Road, London. E12 5EQ. England. g3aaj@amsat.org. TEL/FAX
switch.:+44(0)181 989 6741