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RE: TrakBox question?


I can't help on the radio support for TrakBox, TrakBox was designed for
digital work and hence has no support for reading from the radios. I
therefore only use the tracking bit, and do all radio control myself via
the COM ports. So I've never researched the firmware on the box, sorry.

As for the tracking stuff and the 32bit versions, they will be
developed, and I've no problem giving out the interface info to
non-commercial operations. I have an extensive list of controllers, if I
can help with any info just ask. Most of them are real simple.

The radio control bits in Station 2 will not be in a DLL, it will be
integrated with the main application. The only stuff that will be in the
DLLs will be support for low level hardware, i.e. anything apart from
COM port operation. I can supply info on the radio control if you like,
as you'll have to roll your own.

On another note, we (I mean AMSAT), really need a writer of a shell
Windows NT device driver. Joe was working on one, but I haven't seen
anything in over a year. The rr.dll won't work on NT, and we need a new
shell driver so that we can add SASI and the like. Otherwise eventually
we will have to throw away the KCT boards etc.

Paul, VP9MU

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Subject: TrakBox question?


I wondered if you could help me with the TrakBox.

As you have probably seen,  I have released my Java software for the
satellites.  The problems now begin with trying to support all the
radio/rotor interfaces!   I have support for the KCT/T under Windows/95
providing a Java Native Interface to the the RR.DLL provided by Joe

I have been loaned a TrakBox,  and have been trying to get it working
with my 
Icom-821H without much success.  Are you aware of a version of the
firmware that 
was changed to support the Icom 820/821?  When I monitor the TrakBox
output to the Icom,  it is not putting the correct address of the radio
packets that it sends to the radio.  It also looks like there is no
between the packets.

A second question - I beleive you are working on a 32 bit version of
windows dll that provide the interface to the different radio/rotor
What is/will be the availability of that for other software to use?  


-- John Melton n6lyt/g0orx