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satellite projects out there?

 Well, I fear that I'm here to (sort of) spam you all again....

 The "AMSAT Journal" is trying to get together a list of all satellite
project. This extends from proposals that are looking for help to get
going to satellites that are going together and/or are ready to go.
If you're involved with such a project, we'd like to hear from you.

 Please forward to me the following information:

	name of satellite/group that is building it
	proposed mode(s) of operations
	frequencies on which it is to operate
	any special features
	progress towards construction to date
	launch date/plans

 This list may be a while going together, so don't dispair that any 
information you might send in is going down the electronic dustbin
(unless you see the list in the "Journal" without you data, then
you can feel free to throw the brickbats this way!). It is also hoped
that, by publishing some of the less well known proposeals, some interest
in them might be generated (and maybe some help/progress).
 Forward the above information to:


 So, send those cards, letter, e-mails, scrawled drawing in crayon.....
no, guess we don't want those...               ;-)

Andy Reynolds