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Oscar Locator apology

Several people took me to task for posting a large attachment. I forgot
that it is a problem in some parts of the world. To those who were offended
please accept my apology.

Furthermore I was wrong in saying that the Nova display is identical to
Oscar Locator. At first glance they look similar. The difference is that
the edge of the Nova display is your local horizon. The Oscar Locator was
based on a world map projection centered on the North Pole. Part of its
setup was a 'squashed circle', called a spiderweb, which was centered on
your location and showed your horizon.

I did get a couple of requests from newer members who were interested in
the history of these things. I do think that even now it makes a nice
starting point when explaining sats to someone new, even though they will
quickly transition to a computer program.

Full details are to be found in the Satellite Experimenter's Handbook,
first and second editions. The inside back cover has the map and an
Appendix explains it all else in Marty's usual clear style.

73, ron w8gus.