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Re: TrakBox Help Needed!

Hi John,        

>If I capture the output from the TrakBox,  I see that it is always using the
>address C1 regardless of what I set the RX and TX address to.

        C1 would be a strange address for Icom radios, but if it were CI
(letter 'C' plus letter 'I') this could stand for "Communication Interface"
which is Icoms  rig-control standard. I guess that when you capture
TrakBoxs' output (don't know how) you do not get the address it is using but
the comm. standard.
        Have you tried the soft. downloadable form Icoms' homepage for
rig-control? If this works you will know your CI-V interface is OK and keep
testing your TrakBox.

        This is not much but I hope it helps,

        73 de CX6DD